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Yard Work

by drug cabin

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Baywatch 03:19
cruising for another time crossing out the ones I've tried, have a moment if you want is it anarchy if I teach you how to love my land new beginning normal prattle, in and out of reach. nothing to do with baby brown eyes , maybe you are free if it makes you happy walking home this afternoon, let it be let it bleed let it really happen to me wandering alone outside said she isn't used to crime, if I knew what they want it would be ok I don't need someone to hold my hand no repeating just your dreaming, in and out of sleep. I'm only guessing maybe brown eyes, baby you are free
Bubbles 01:48
time's gonna take them from me, man from his troubles. wipe them from my memory, and blow them like bubbles tempting the fate again you're an erasure, falling on deaf ears when you come around sure I got nothing to loose so tickle my fancy. where once there was no way to choose with whom you'd be dancing breaking the icicles give me a moment, tearing the flowers up out of the ground for you telling no time of the day, where should I go? shading the part of your face that I'd like to know taking a walk out in thunder and lightning, how would I ever guess to open the door for you
California 02:24
california breeze we wake up to morning marijuana , look into the trees what a wonderful world at your feet you can stay if you want to leave if you want to , don't be surprised by the look in her eyes when she goes by, I always love you can't afford a dream, you shoot up come down now you're gonna land upon your knees give me love low enough I can reach what did I told you, what did I told you maybe something
Dogs 01:27
catch a flame a loaded tongue, the words are wrong but it's a new life coming on. break the chain the thrill is gone, do what you want I've had my way for far too long and if the dogs don't give you what you really want , tell em you were right and they was wrong hide the pain lonely girl, go tell the world what's there to prove I'm moving on
Golden Wall 03:34
I found a sediment that will do, and grown incompetent next to you. I got a will that'll change, I got a million ways. some people see a vision clear, and press the bosom to their ears. I have only heard of a heaven round us there's a golden wall , tea for the sea when the trumpets call, guarded by a navy blue, loving is all that there seems to do can't feel the feather touch the ground, and it's impossible to hear the way it moves. I'm coming into the light , it's falling out of the sky
Hollywood 02:55
we can make anything happen, limitless undying fancy-free. here you are my only friend evil one that I let in, we're only close in my world. if the people are dumb then the people are dumb, if the cattle will run then the cattle will run. I can't get no higher naturally. baby far from friends higher than a prison fence, I climb up the wires gradually. he can make believe pretend we may never sleep again, we're only close in my world. hollywood is how we know
Jesus 02:21
I came to party I pray to Jesus I have a good time, I'm outta my mind. we'll get together choose destinations let none between us, vote every night once and a while I feel so unusual , why can't I move , why can't I move you babe life goes on much of what you do is wrong, there's nothing to do yeah I'll be with you soon , we'll go browsing and then move on
Noche 03:19
broke up the bottle on your misfit head. come back tomorrow or you'll soon be late, I can't understand why there's two of them in the middle of the night I got demoted , told the cross-eyed clerk. you found me needing and you called it work. I can't make more rules, anyway we're tired in the middle of the night load up the stage coach with my long-time friend. we won't be coming back this way no more. if I call your name, would you feel this way in the middle of the night
Powder Moon 03:00
under the powder moon nothing can move, and can we help it if the red skies blue, do you wanna see what else it can do. did it ever occur to you under the magic tree a hundred degrees, if there's a ripple in the drop of your eye, I'm gonna make em salivate till it shines. and it's oozing expression kicking plastic balls I'm lost in the halls, I'll drop a letter at your doorstep explain I only wanted in from the rain. I wanted a quick one bare in mind my love hurricane coming on the weekend what will I do till you come home
Sapphire 02:21
take the freeway Angela, I was born not to run. there's nothing individual only the sapphire sun. I can pay attention to you tell me you're the only one. there's so much that I can do now let me know when baby I can come. every day is a halloween night suffer for the ritual, all your tears are a waste. make believe it if you need it, they can all be replaced. I was always looking through you , waiting for my time to run. there's no more that I can do now, let me know but baby I can't come. every day is a halloween night


released February 23, 2015


all rights reserved



drug cabin Los Angeles, California

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