Wiggle Room

by drug cabin

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Ty Goodwin
Ty Goodwin thumbnail
Ty Goodwin Just happened to hear a track on Wiggle Room while listening to Dangermouse's playlist on Spotify. Became a fan instantly. Love every song.
Emily thumbnail
Emily Discovering this album was one of my top highlights of this year! Favorite track: Wonderful.
Jeremy / HI54LOFI
Jeremy / HI54LOFI thumbnail
Jeremy / HI54LOFI even if you don't remember how great Ambulance LTD was… it doesn't take much convincing to get in to drug cabin. Favorite track: Handsome.
Thibaut Devigne
Thibaut Devigne thumbnail
Thibaut Devigne This is sugary pop as it is supposed to be. It does not take itself too seriously and is still very well done on a technical side. Also has a few catchy tunes that will make the listener come back to it more than often. Favorite track: Beverly Glen.
shaun rogan
shaun rogan thumbnail
shaun rogan Drug Cabin are a beautiful scene. Dig them. Favorite track: Wonderful.
Derek Weaver
Derek Weaver thumbnail
Derek Weaver Marcus has the best male vocals of anyone I've heard in years. I love Josh Homme too, but Marcus is a day at the beach to Josh's rainy city night. On top of the vocals, is that dope slide guitar and peppy drumbeat that fits well with every song. LOVE THIS MUSIC GUYS! Favorite track: Wonderful.
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released April 7, 2015


all rights reserved



drug cabin Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Handsome
I’m drifting in a constant sea.
every little ripple wandering
i’m asking for a second chance even though its not in your careful hands
i could follow any light just as long as its in the dead of night
how are you going to live forever
higher than you ought to be
winging in a distant motion over me
swimming in a great big blue
there is nothing that i have not asked you
shrinking on a mondo swell but theres never any way that i could tell
you’re asking about party lines. I’m ever on time to take you
how are you going to live forever
higher than you ought to be
winging in a distant motion down to me
in the ocean blue i am ever with you, I’m on your side
if i could hold a star and put it in a jar i’d worry for nothing
now there is no control. we roll and we roll. boogie and boogie
and now we have no wake. no stepping mistakes
don’t worry for nothing for none
Track Name: Wiggle Room
I remember a story you once told
tell it to me again I swear it won’t grow old well come on where are you now?
i’m picking up the apples from an apple tree
leaving all the ones unready in the leaves well come on where are you now?
come on! where?
I’m sitting in the sun where once your shadow had been
i’m sick of all this sun, won’t you come sit again and come on. where you now?
you were so much fun to have around.
i’d love it if you’d only stayed a while
i’d kept you if i’d only known how
where are you/?
welcome to the wiggle room the weather is hot.
you could have a little if you can’t take a lot.
take into consideration you and a friend
step into the wiggle room and wiggle again
Track Name: Ruby
I can't be no submarine
I'll come up to find my ocean queen
if theres a ruby in the dark of her eye i'm gonna make it shine
I can't fake your company
it's enough to make my poor heart bleed
you got a story you try to reveal
i'm gonna make it real
open up your little bag
give me some of what you have
who could ignore it and why would I try
I can't beg thats not for me
I'm that mother fucking bird in the tree
you say you're sorry but you got this friend
come on get in
Track Name: Beverly Glen
I Heard you ran away with a clown
they are talking about it all through the town
I knew you’d get away in the end, beverly glen beverly glen
center of the stars, send for the car. theres nothing more here for you dear.
to candy you were gone with the wind
they told me we’d be better off friends
i knew you’d run away with my heart, you’ve got those gants chirurgicaux couverts de sang.
swing me high for my guy. send me to the moon its been good
swing me high wave bye bye put it on the room bungalow 2
Track Name: Steely Dad
who wouldn't give it away. you couldn't give it away

on the Malibu breeding farm , will you meet me face to face? fine leather and parliaments in the best room at the place. hot Beverly's lemonade maybe something you should try, waking up with a temperature and a teardrop in your eye, and you're way too cold to cry.
Namaste , monterey can't keep me away. been bit by a burning bush I refuse the charge but need push.
copper lady of liberty , is your tenderness disguised? over-average officer and you got keys in Van Nuys. Imagine all of the furniture and you know where this will end; making nuclear enemies cause they're really our friends, it's a fence that cannot mend.
the way we are the love it cost I'm never sure what's lost. but since you've take me in and been my go-to friend and boss.
Namaste , monterey same thing either way. I been kissed by the wonder kush i refuse the charge but could use the push.
Track Name: Easy
you're throwing up and fast. you're probably stuck in a body cast. windmills made of paper and grass. you threw a rock at the thrown , you gotta leave well enough alone. building us a permanent home, everyone needs a place where they can go.
television, little truck. I got the key but the wheel is stuck. all those half-rules, I'll bend them for you.
you're going uphill slow. you got a head full of melted snow. candle for the afterglow , it's only a paper moon you know.
as my vision doubles up, I went to call but my quarter stuck. all those high fools, I blame them too. easy
Track Name: Wonderful
unthread the needle from the eye, no need to hang me by the feet.
I get so hangry I could cry, don't let me wander off the street. one relief under the silver spoon.
trying to be your woman isn't an easy game, you're only wonderful in every way. hey
only the cackle of your cry can put the paper boy to sleep. unless the matre d's arrive, I have no permanent relief. thankfully , what would I ever do?
trying to be your woman isn't an easy game, you're fuckin wonderful in every way. hey. say hello to wonderful
Track Name: Emily
Emily the millets catch tonight. you sleep but never close your eyes.
they're up there waiting for you with hooks and lines. it's what you wanted for your whole adult life.
Emily the pillows catch your cries. you scream but never show surprise.
don't say you want me I know you're stealing time. you're going up the hill asking for a ride.
Track Name: Stoner
roman candle we turn the handle, open up the doors let our money in. like it's moving our love is proven , every little stone turned over and thrown.
lift me up baby and bring it on home we're together, the road I've traveled is rocky now, it's always been. how many years till they bring us together again?
nomenclature my second nature, why I gotta know how much it is. seen right through it day light or moon lit, every little stone thrown back again.
it's hard to believe it alone.
Track Name: Turkey Time
turkey time on melrose walkin the dog, mocha tea chai-latte in the LA fog. I look around you're looking at me, fawning at the possibility. we make conversation, walk for a while, baby you're a woman with a friendly smile. I'll clear my schedule, cancel my plan; Sunday driving holding hands.
tired of feeling affection and pussy-footing around. I'm gonna make my move gonna take this town, turn it upside down. I'm gonna tell you bout the beautiful lady with independent eyes. do you laugh at my love baby? do you disbelieve my lies? my matterhorn is a mountain unto the valley below, let us put nature together let the sunshine melt the snow.
Track Name: Space Program
Its late and my life is planned by circumstance.
but id like a moment with you alone and ill go if you want to.
used to be the rest of that once was written down on leaves floating in the wind
raked up when they fell to the ground. now i catch them in the air
maybe you could bring it to me so i can sleep
and you know we’d stay here forever to jump and reach and catch em in the air

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